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Welcome To The Martial Way Idaho

The Martial Way is dedicated to bringing great martial art programs and services to the Treasure Valley.  Our members join for many different reasons;  Fitness, Self-Defense, Wellness, Confidence, and Child Development of Discipline and Respect.  Whatever the reason for starting, we will help all of our members better themselves in a
fun and exciting atmosphere!

At The Martial Way, your goals are our goals. 
We will help you not just achieve, but exceed your goals.
We promote physical fitness and positive social interaction in a
fun and enthusiastic atmosphere!

For adults, besides the obvious benefit of learning self-defense, there is stress relief, heightened self-confidence, and some order in a busy, sometimes chaotic world. Above all, our program helps adults achieve higher levels of fitness which in turn promotes a long and healthy life.

For children, the benefits include developing self-confidence, self-discipline and many other positive character traits. We teach and reinforce this in a playful, structured, and safe environment. Throughout their martial arts training, children learn to be strong and stand up for themselves while showing humility at the same time.

Helping others experience the great benefits of martial arts is our goal.

For more information about The Martial Way Idaho and our Programs, please contact us.

Dream, Believe and Achieve!